The Band

Mark goes on stage with a 7 piece live band, complete with brass section.
The MGB Band

Lead Guitar-James Millets In contrast to Elvis' lead guitarist James Burton, Millets is less formal. His earlier playing career was spent backing Richie Neilson including his international hit 'Hello Merry Loo'. He had a huge commercial success in the
late 70's with his musical homage to Kentucky Fried Chicken' entitled 'Finger Pickin' Good'. He says he likes his guitars like his women; highly strung and hanging round his neck.

Drums-Reggie Trott A self confessed curry-a-holic Reggie¹s frantic drumming style could well be due to the fact he's always dieing for the lavvy following his evening vindaloo. He bases his drumming technique on a subtle blend of Ronnie Tutt from the original TCB Band and Animal from the Muppets.

Bass Guitar-Barry Chef As well as playing a mean Fender bass, Barry is a consistently mean person. He does however bring his legendary culinary skills to the tour, producing his earth shattering 'Ghandi's Revenge' for Reggie (drums). He
specializes in the 'Real Cooking' school making rock cakes with real rocks and toad in the hole with real toads, fortunately Coq-Au-Vin has yet to appear on the menu.

Piano-Glyn Hardon Prior to his current engagement Glyn was a member of the Croquets backing group and although he never actually sang with Holly he's always carried a torch for the antipodean songstress. Hardon is responsible for
writing the beautiful piano arrangement on 'Trouble Over Bridgewater' as well as a number of other tracks both on piano and keyboard. When Glyn's on the organ you¹re always assured of a standing.....ovation.

The Joey Groucho Orchestra Responsible for the rousing introduction to any Elvis show Joey conducts his own spectacular Vegas style orchestra. Legend would have it that struggling to find the ideal opening riff for the imminent MGM Grand season Groucho took the night off to take his wife to the cinema '2001 A Space Oddessey' was playing. When Mrs Groucho heard the music to the Pearl & Dean adverts she remarked 'it's as if Elvis himself is about to walk on stage', fortunately, as history will record, Joey had other inspiration just minutes later and stuck with the 2001 theme.

Vocal Backing-
Kathy Northscrubland Soprano singer Kathy took her stage name from often
heard remark 'I bet she¹s flattened some grass in her time'. Originally offended by the inference during band introductions she once famously stormed off stage only later to make up after it was explained to her that she was loved
by the whole band, no lie as at one time or another she has indeed been loved by the whole band - of the Grenadier Guards.

J.P. Winter & The Stomps
J.P. has a generally cooler image than Elvis' original base singer J.D. Sumner. A friend of his since his early days his gospel influence is obvious to the ear. Winter has previously sung with the Moonlight Boys and the Blueswood Brothers prior to forming the Stomps quartet.

The Sweet Perspirations This Granny award-winning female vocal quartet were originally the back up vocal group for soul legend Areefa Frankly and include C.C. Houseman, mother of 80's superstar Britney Houseman. They are so named
because of their pink feux chiffon (nylon) stage outfits and their unfortunate effect on the girls under hot stage lights.