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Hello mark, its sara, one half of the appalling dance routine to rock a hula with alex the turkish guy at christine piggs birthday party at the bull in royston on sunday 29th june 2014. Just wanted to say what an absolutely bloody fantastic night you made it for everyone. I for one, loved it and had a brilliant night. Would recommend you to anyone and everyone. Well done you xxx Sent from my iPad
Message from: Sara Dodkin Message submitted on: 02/07/2014 15:18:24

Hello Mark, we were at your show in Royston on Sunday night and just wanted to write on here how much we really enjoyed your performance. My wife has been a massive fan of Elvis since she was a teenager and has always been a little wary of impersonators before. But she enjoyed your show so much that she asked me to let you know, and to enquire if you are coming back to Royston at all to inform us so that we can come and enjoy another night of your wonderful singing. Good luck with everything and we hope to see you again some day.
Message from: Arthur Wilson Message submitted on: 01/07/2014 01:59:34

Hi Mark, Me and my hubby were at Wendy's party the other night and thought you were so good we'd like to try and book you for November in Bournmouth. Can you please email me an idea of cost and how we go about booking your show Many thanks Gladys
Message from: Gladys Message submitted on: 24/06/2014 21:04:14

Hi Mark!! Thank you for making our wedding party such a special occasion! You are 'The King' So thank you soooo much xx <3 the king lives on
Message from: Sammy Jo Message submitted on: 11/06/2014 12:24:22

Watch ya Elvis, we were at Colin's birthday party on Saturday just gone and loved your cabaret. I can see why out of all his cabarets from Pontins he wanted you at his party. Your Elvis voice is simply amazing and we loved your sense of humour and the way you included the kids. Do you only perform in London or all around as we're having a party in the summer for our anniversary and we'd like to book you in Coventry?
Message from: Lorraine Message submitted on: 31/03/2014 05:25:03

Hello there, we saw you at Olney on Friday night and thought you were brilliant, we can certainly see why you're Great Britains Best Elvis - and when you did 'Lonely This Christmas' it was like Elvis singing it himself. Hope to see you back next year, a job well done
Message from: Jim Kirkup Message submitted on: 30/03/2014 20:21:13

Remarkable! Its really amazing Great Britains Best Elvis - Mark Goddard really is the best. If you are even considering booking him do it now, we went to see him this weekend and found his show brilliant. His voice is so good we thought he was miming a couple of times but he wasn't. If you have him at your wedding or birthday or wht ever you really won't be disappointed
Message from: michael Message submitted on: 12/03/2014 19:15:14

We wanted to say how brilliant you were at our wedding and recommend you to anyone that is thinking of having you at there's, everyone is still talking about Elvis and the vows when we went uh huhu you really made our special day even more special and we'd like to say thankyahverymuch
Message from: Peter and Sue Message submitted on: 27/02/2014 20:26:20

Hi Elvis, we caught your show on valenimes night and just wanted to tell you how great we thought you were and that we really truly hope we get to see you again soon, Ive added you on facebook so we can keep in touch lurve Paula x
Message from: Paula Craven Message submitted on: 16/02/2014 22:09:02

Saw your show last weekend and stayed behind after to catch you but you shot off. You looked and sounded great on stage and I really wanted to get to know you a bit better. If your ever in Essex again please let me know and I will come and see you again xxxx
Message from: Kandy Message submitted on: 21/01/2014 06:22:48

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