Mark's Diary

APRIL 2014

Went all the way down to Mevagissey in Cornwall thus weekend for a birthday party ! They were a lovely and appreciative crowd but crikey it's a long drive and by the time I got home on Sunday it took me the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend to recover from 5 hours plus each way driving! Pleased to announce I've been confirmed for the Elvis weekend in Porthcawl again this year and will be appearing at Trecco Bay on the Friday night in the Showdome, s'pose that's another long drive to look forward to....


Been up to Glasgow to record EGGHEADS for the BBC with a team of fellow Elvis Tributes! We called ourselves The Suspicious Minds and had a great time! Judith is a bit of a young Elvis fan, and both Dave and Chris sang to us, Glory Glory Hallelujah and Viva GlasVegas! On the way home we all ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and did an impromptu sing-a-long accompanied by Shmelvis on his guitar! Should be on TV by Jan/Feb next year!


Well it's been a good start to the New Year with a gig at the MING Chinese Restaurant, hopefully they'll have me back sometime, the food was fantastic (yeah they gave me a carry out after the show!) Hope you all saw me on THE CHASE on ITV, sorry I didn't win any money so as I could visit Graceland but the questions WERE dificult! They could've asked me one about Elvis at least!!!


Well it's been a good January all things considered! Got the year off to a G-R-E-A-T start with another rocking night for NYE at The Bananaleaf in Sevenoaks, and there should be a few more there this year with any luck, Khalis sounds keen. My appearance on ITV's 'THIS MORNING' for Elvis's 75th Birthday has also helped to boost enquiries so hopefully it'll be a busy year. Bradley Walsh took a card as he's got his 50th coming up this year so fingers crossed that'd be a nice one to do. After that horrendous Earth Quake in Haiti Khalis rang me and he's organising a Charity Night at The Bananaleaf on 22nd February so I said I'd be proud to be a part of it and hopefully pull in a few extra diners. Finished the month off with a birthday in Southall for an indian family, needless to say the food was AMAZING and 'Bubbly' was a great laugh, and a wedding for an ex-school mate in Swindon, congrats to my old mate Ian, who'd have thought we'd both be where we are today when we used to stand outside the Head Master's office at Tannery Drift School over 30 years ago! Not got a gig for Valentines weekend yet, but looking forward to a Holiday Camp re-union the following weekend, wow, those WERE the days!!!

October 2008

Umm I really should do this more often just in case anybody ever reads it! Christmas isn't looking too bad although there are still a handful of slots, guess it's this "credit crunch" lark aye! Living in London is really helping me get around the country, so far this year I've played Nottingham, Leeds, Devon and Portmerian - WALES! This weekend I'm off up to Gateshead for an art exhibition - yes you read right an ART EXHIBITION! And all this on top of lots of, what are now 'local gigs' here in town and around the M25, the biggest car park in the world!!!





November 2007

Guess my New Years resolution will have to be to visit this page more often! Just returned from Budapest and my word it was cold! But thankfully I got a warm reception, amazing but the King is as popular in Eastern Europe as he is here in the U.K. guess it shouldn't surprise me!

August 2005
Hey People!Sorry it's been a while, I wish I could say ti's cos I've been busy working, but I've been busy doing 'other' things unfortunately!Firstly keep an eye out for TWO yes TWO forthcoming TV appearances Wednesday on SKY ONE at 10.30 the Secret Life Of... followed me to Blackpool last year for Europes No1 Elvis comp I won on the night they filmed but don't know how much they'll air!Then on Monday 3rd October at 12.15 it's Bargain Hunt on BBC1 see the rubbish we bought and sold on at a profit!!!!Anyways the 'ELVIS REMEMBERED' week was this month and it went particularly well, if I say so myself!Huge thanks to Eddie Vee for his invaluable assistance and unwavering enthusiasm and energy.In line with the vigil out in Memphis we held a candlelit procession through the holiday camp to the swimming pool. We collected at 11pm on 15th and proceeded to the swimming pool which was suitably dark and atmospheric with ELVIS singing 'How Great Tho Art' as we arrived. Nearly 100 people carrying candles surrounded the pool and the lights reflected on the water looked amazing. We then played 'American Trilogy' as our guard of honour each in Elvis t-shirt brought out the flowers and picture and placed them on the old fountain. We then lit candles and took it in turns to make dedications and give thanks to Elvis and the good lord on the microphone, I was too choked up to say much but Eddie covered for me and the whole thing went on for an hour! As people left I loved the way they came and thanked us and shook my hand, almost as if it was a memorial service for someone I'd personally lost, which I guess I had but then we all had.?Tuesday 16th was time for my performance with the MGB Band with our newly recruited backing singers Nicky and Jo and boy did they make a difference to the band, I'm sure any of you that were there will agree they're a worthy addition to an already outstanding outfit. Eddie videoed it so I'll see if it looked as good as it sounded.On the Sunday we'd done the '68 Comeback with the girl dancers and ents team, many thanks to Debbie for all her hard work and Kyla who looked gorgeous as 'Little Egypt' in her belly dancing outfit. Plus the lads who tried to beat me up during 'It Hurts Me' and Stuart the ents manager who spent all day rehearsing his line as 'Big Boss Man' "We ain't got no room around here for a geetar man" but he still c***ed it up!!!All in all the week was a resounding sucess and there are certainly plans to repeat it all again next August, we know we've got at least one booking 'cos a lady won next years holiday in one of the Elvis themed game shows! So get y'selves booked up now IT'S GONNA BE G-R-E-A-T !!!!!!
April 2005
Well now I've reached the BIG 40 the hip wiggling's getting a little harder!!!!!!!!!"Bargain Hunt" was a G-R-E-A-T success and much fun was had by all, can't tell you who won as I'm sworn to secrecy but as we say in the premier league 'COME ON YOU BLUES!' (Oh yeah! and Chelsea are champions!!!)Why I even got to play the guitar just before the finale shot was taken "The Wonder Of You" in C I think!
Hi to everyone that's seen us at the 'Queen's' Burgh Castle I enjoy myself but you'll have to come and see a proper gig one day!Now the party of the century! Held aboard the "Vintage Broadsman" sailing out of Wroxham to celebrate my BIG 40 on May 1st (I don't feel a day over 39 1/2!)We drank ate and a few even danced but I avoided the temptation to sing, hey if they wanna hear me they can pay like the rest of you have!May is really starting to pick up so keep an eye out and I'll update the website with any public gigs, I think a lot of them are private weddings and birthday do's tho.The Hemsby week is starting to fill up and we're talking to Elvis's cousin Scott Presley, who's hoping to spend the entire week amongst us fans! Weve contracted Mel Stevens and the Strollers and the MGB Band are rehursing like their life depends on it, it'll be a G-R-E-A-T week so make sure you're there! Not forgetting of course a guest appearance from World Record Holding and Bargain Hunt co-starring ETA Eddie Vee!!!!
March 2005

It's been an interesting month with the audition for BBC's "Bargain Hunt", they liked me and Andy so they met up with Eddie Vee and Paul Bullmer to make up the other team, liked them too and guess what... we recorded it on Good Friday! So Andy Gibson, Eddie Vee, Paul Bullmer and myself are all on "Bargain Hunt" dressed in our jumpsuits looking for antiques! Andy and I, the 'blue team', spent our money on some little chairs, a footstool from a shoe shop and some HORRENDOUS vases that Andy liked!!! We'll see how we do at auction aye, that's being filmed next month. I've done a couple more shows for Dave at Burgh Castle, and a wedding for Mitch and Fionna at Dereham. Luvly do and a luvly couple, good luck to them both for their future together. The end of the month saw a gig at the 'King's Arms' in North Walsham where they had an Elvis theme night. Thanks to everyone that dressed up, hi to 'Pat the Cat' and birthday girl Corrina, and my mates from the 'Trisha Show' who I recognised but who's names I didn't catch, sorry. Bank holiday Monday saw my first gig at Hemsby Beach for the summer, I'm looking forward to a great season there each Thursday once the summer starts. Finished the month off with another TV audition in London, but I won't jinx that by telling you about it yet, sorry to tease but if anything comes of it I'll post it straight away! The singles seem to be getting easier to buy, hope that doesn't mean you're all giving up buying them? Go on we've got to get at least one more No.1 before the 18 are up. Have you booked for 'Elvis Remembered' at Seacroft yet? We're trying to get Scott Presley, Elvis's cousin to come over and do a question answer session for us, should be fun, come along and join us. TCB

February 2005

February hasn't been the busiest of months with the Stadium gig at Yarmouth and a couple of weddings (Many congratulations to Peter & Mandy and to Caroline & Joe, hope the honeymoons were everything you hoped for!!!)But it's been interesting and hopefully we've done some of the groundwork for a couple of interesting forthcoming events...I'm sure you all noticed that the SKY documentary never got on TV! They assure me it'll be on before long so keep your eyes peeled and as soon as I know I'll try an' spread the word!Plans for the "Elvis Remembered" week at Seacroft are going well so I'm hoping a few of you have booked by now, if you can't make the whole week remember you can just come for the weekend or midweek break. Call reception if you've not done so already it'll be a memorable and emotional experience. Friday 12th August to Friday 19th August at Seacroft Hemsby 01493 733610 - CALL NOW!!!Also on the cards is an appearance on BBC TV "Bargain Hunt" with 3 other Elvis's! They seem quite keen so I'll keep ya posted, could be recording as early as the end of this month but won't be on TV 'til September/October time (I'd suggest August but what do I know!!!!!!!)We're having some new publicity done in a bid to 're-launch' the act to agents, posters and new 10 x 8's will be available at this summers gigs.I'm also looking at a new album for this year p'haps a '68 Comeback show? Or maybe a film theme cd look out for whatever gets recorded at this summer's gigs!On a personal note little Chelsea isn't so little anymore! But she's still waking us up as soon as it get's light in the mornings, the breeder says she'll grow out of it, yeah, right!And Chelsea (the football club) have won their first trophy with Jose and look set for at least one more fingers crossed! Hope you got lots of valentine cards the other week, I didn't (altogether now....ahhhhhhh!)Don't forget to say hi! if you come to a show.

January 2005

Well what with the main man's 70th birthday and his researgence in the chart's it's been a busy month! Preparations were well under way for the weekender in Chichester when the phone rang from the Daily Mail to see if I was available for a photoshoot to mark the 70th birthday celebrations. I travelled up to London on the Wednesday to meet up with 69 other Elvis' to do the shoot. Unfortunately it was done in batches so I didn't get to meet all the others but I got to touch base with my good mate Kenny Dee, and catch up with Eddie Vee, grab a word with Schmelvis and talk to Nico for the first time since we filmed Trisha together. I also had the rather surreal experience of being carted off by another photographer to his 'Heartbreak Hotel' set for an FHM magazine shoot, well that was an eye opener! Photos will be appearing on the website soon! Then it was time to head down to Chichester for the South Downs weekend. I had a G-R-E-A-T time and I think the holiday makers did too. Hi to Carl, who saw the holiday on this site and came down, and thanks to Kev for the idea and coach parties of luvly people. My show went well on the last night with the band on cracking form and the boss has already started taking bookings for next year, see ya all there! Sunday night and Elvis is where he belongs at the top of the hit parade so interviews for radio stations became the order of the day! After a successful meeting with the guvnor of New Horizon Holidays and very much due to the good reports of the South Downs weekend we now have lined up an Elvis Memorial Week to be held at Seacroft Hemsby. It'll be a week for true fans cullminating in a candlelit parade on the night of the 16th August. Bookable on 01493 733610. My final appearance on the Trisha show was finally aired! Teaching a female Elvis fan how to be the king in an Elvis makeover. A nice twist as my first appearance on the show was when I was made over as Elvis and look what's happened to me since! My show at Lodden was a big success with ticket sales beating even the organisers high expectations, great to meet Jenifer with one n and top DJ Andrew looking after my tracks for the night, cheers mate! On a personal note the puppy's still giving us sleepless nights but when she kisses my face it's worth it, Chelsea are still top of the league and going for the quad and Elvis is flying high in the charts, am I the only one that didn't get a copy or had they sold out when you got there too?!?!